Get off the Statue

A few minutes later, the guy is summoned to get off the statue, by a team of policemen and firefighters. :P
Canon 300D  ::  Canon 18-55    1/500s, f/7.1 at ISO 100
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11-06-2007 // 14:20
Wow! Its great you saw this too!!
11-06-2007 // 19:17
Get down you hippy!
12-06-2007 // 09:38
Tried to nick the A.
Did you see the bicycle at the feet of Lourens too?
12-06-2007 // 09:49
Yep, it's one of the safest spots the place your bicycle too. :P

Note that he also had taken a ladder and a cd-player with him. The ladder was actually pulled up to his level, as if he was affraid somebody would run away with it. :D
userapestaartje en nicky
15-06-2007 // 22:40
Sensational and funny.
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