Star Tower

I tried to shoot a 'star trail' photo yesterday. The result will be posted tomorrow.

The photo below is the result of a shutter time of 2 minutes. The dotted line is also a trail, from an airplane that is. In the foreground a radar tower, in the background the light (-pollution) of Zandvoort.
Canon 300D  ::  Peleng 8mm Fish    bulb, f/5.6 at ISO 400
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24-03-2006 // 08:26
Nice colour. I also like the round horizon.
24-03-2006 // 09:15
Very beautiful one of the best you made.
It gives me a SF feeling, we are not alone....
24-03-2006 // 09:47
Nice score! I will post my result from our little cold adventure somewhere next week.

The plane is more visible than I thought!
24-03-2006 // 22:38
Thanks. Just two days after picture 50, the reply of Jasper above hits another milestone: reply 100.

Now we're talkin!
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